Create Peace Project

Heart Mosaic Tile Tape

Create Peace Project, an arts education non-profit based in the San Francisco Bay Area, works in schools around the world to raise the voices and share the visions of peace from children using creativity. In the past few years, the Create Peace Project team has created several mosaics in San Francisco public schools. In 2018, Create Peace Project led a massive 2,500 sq ft mosaic mural with 520 students at Longfellow Elementary School. We could not have completed this project without the amazing Tile Tape from Tape Jungle. Create Peace Project has two more mosaics scheduled for the fall of 2019, creating more than 1,200 soft of mosaic with 1,000 students at Glen Park and Lakeshore Elementary Schools in San Francisco. We are grateful for the support of Tile Tape and thrilled with the exceptional strength and functionality of their Tile Tape products. Check out this video to see “Our Pathway to Peace” the Longfellow mosaic mural project in motion.

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