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Community Depot is an online resource for creatives to read and post content. We created it because we’re always inspired by all the great stories and examples of work we hear from our customers. We now want to share that content with any interested.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Community Depot?

Community Depot is an online forum open to everybody to use and post content to! We created Community Depot because we are inspired by all the great stories and examples of work we hear from our customers who use ATG and our other tapes. Our aim is to help give our more creative users a voice!

How can I participate?

You can write a tutorial, show off some recent work, or just tell us your story about how you use ATG. Submit a post (how-to guide, video, text, photos…) on our contributors page and when approved we’ll publish it right away on Community Depot and send your free gift of 12 rolls of ATG.

If I have a good idea for a post, but need help, where should I go?

We understand now everyone is familiar with putting content online, so yes… We can help! Just send us an email via our contact form, or fill out the contributors form and set the status to “Need help.”

How often can I contribute?

As many times as you’d like!

Can I repost something I already posted online somewhere else?

If you are the author of the original content, Yes you can repost it here – but  please let us know the original place the content appears.

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