Tape Depot® Creators Club

Tired of Looking for a coupon code?

Don’t wait, Look for the CC Badge and give yourself a discount year-round. Subscribing to regular deliveries of products makes you an automatic member of the Creators Club, with reduced product prices and free shipping!

Products Currently Available for Creators Club:

As Low As: $26.00 every month
As Low As: $37.00 every month
As Low As: $34.00 As Low As: $194.00 every 3 months


What is Creators Club?

Creators Club is an easy to use ATG subscription service for people who love using ATG all the time. You tell us how often you’d like to receive ATG, the discount you’d like to receive and we ship your ATG to you anywhere in the United States for FREE.

We hear from many customers that they often need to buy ATG but wait to find a coupon code or sale in order to purchase to get the best price. With Creators Club you don’t have to wait for a sale and you don’t even have to go online to order. We make sure each order is shipped on the renewal date automatically. When you’re ready for a break you can cancel at anytime.

YES. If there’s a sale going on, Creators can apply th additional savings. Example: say you signed up for quarterly shipments, and are currently saving 5% each shipment, then we promote a 10%. coupon for ATG customers, you can stack the 10% on top of your next order to get 15% off. Same for 10% monthly subscribers. 10% + 10% is 20% off your next order. Now that’s savings!

The Creators Club is designed for people who use ATG on a regular basis, regardless of the quantity. 12 rolls or 5 Cases, every order gets the discounts and free shipping. The price per roll, all other things being equal, does decrease however the more we can ship at once.

Orders made before 2pm ET are shipped the same day and 90% arrives within 3 business days (Mon-Sat).

We know how important the community is for creative and crafty people. To support this we plan to offer special content and member forums for Creators to share tips and ideas and share their great work. If you have any suggestions or feedback please don’t hesitate to reach out via [email protected]