Bag Sealing Tape

An economical bag sealing system, Tapes used with a bag sealing dispenser to quickly close Poly Bags. Used for produce packaging, bakery goods, or industrial parts. Excellent for color coding and tape is printable. Seals and trims poly bags in one motion; Easy to use, fill your poly bag, twist the bag at the top and insert the twist part of the bag into the bag sealer. The sealer automatically wraps the tape around the twisted area of the bag. Easy and affordable.

The most economical #9532 in clear, tan, and white are 2.2 mil thick in subpacks of 24 rolls
And cases of 96. Our colored Bag Sealing Tapes #9535 are available in 8 colors also in subpack and case quantities. Standard size is ⅜ but have limited colors in ½” width.

As Low As: $84.48