Aluminum Foil-Scrim-Kraft Tape 6.8 Mil Rubber Adhesive (44150R)

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Aluminum Foil/Scrim/Kraft Tape – With Rubber Adhesive



Dead soft aluminum foil / 3-way fiberglass scrim / paper carrier coated with aggressive adhesive carried on a 3.2 mil removable paper release liner. Malleable foil conforms well to irregular and curved surfaces to maximize adhesive contact and provide quick, positive grab to the insulation surface. Used as a closure system for fiberglass and mineral wool insulation systems that are faced with foil, to seal seams and joints on aluminum faced fiberglass duct board, and to provide a vapor barrier that assures the integrity of the system. 3” neutral core.


Physical Properties:

Adhesive   synthetic rubber resin
FSK Backing   4.8 mil
Tape Thickness (w/o liner)   6.8 mil
Adhesion   90 oz/in
Rolling Ball Tack   8 in
Temperature resistance   -4°F to 176°F

Alternative to Nashua #338FSK

1200m x 730M Master Jumbo Rolls Available. Call for pricing.

Note: The physical properties listed above are typical test results obtained from a series of laboratory tests and should not be used for the purpose of writing specifications. Before using this product, user shall determine the suitability of the product for his/her use; and user assumes all risks and liabilities in connection therewith. All test procedures used are in accordance with ASTM and PSTC methods.

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