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ATG Combo Pack

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ATG Combo Pack. ATG Tape Dispenser and Tape.

ATG Combo Pack is your choice of Tape Dispenser and Quantity of Rolls.

Our ATG Tape is a?reverse wound transfer tapes on 1″ plastic cores that have a special pin spool allowing the use of a complete roll without any waste. It is also provided with an adjustable gear, simply rotate spool to make it work.

  • Weighs less than 1lb with tape.
  • Fits all 36 yd. 2 mil and 18 yd 5 mil ATG tape.
  • Includes Tape.

NOTE:?ATG50 Gun cannot be used with 60 yd rolls, only the ATG 700 can fit 60-yard rolls.

APPLICATIONS of ATG Combo Pack:?Used for scrapbooking, mounting nameplates, picture framing, product assembly, design and packaging of prototypes, sealing envelopes, paper web splicing, and general mounting and holding.

ALSO KNOWN AS:?ATG Tape Dispenser, ATG Dispenser, Scrapbooking Tape