Cellophane Stationery Tape (C803X)

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Cellophane Stationery Tape. Pure cellulose, transparent, biodegradable, hand-tearable tape with a STATIC-FREE.

Used for carton sealing in electronics industry

1.8 mil (0.46mm) thickness.

C8039 Static Free on 1″ Plastic Core

* Temperature resistance: 50°F to 95°F.
* Adhesion: 29 oz/in.
* Tensile: 26 lbs/in.
* Elongation: 22%.

C8038 Static Free on 3″ Neutral Paper Core

* Temperature resistance: 32°F to 150°F.
* Adhesion: 30 oz/in.
* Tensile: 26 lbs/in.
* Elongation: 25%.