Custom Printed Tape – Standard (Poly Pro) – CPP19-0300-48-0110-S1S0C-AAAB-N-1804

SKU: CPP19-0300-48-0110-S1S0C-AAAB-N-1804 Weight: 40 lbs Length: -

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material <u><b>Material: Standard PolyPro</b></u></br>Standard Polypropylene (PolyPro) is the most popular, robust and efficient printed tape solution due to its crisp print resolution, ease of use and low cost. It is available in both hand-held and machine length formats. <ul><li>Finish: Glossy, Plastic based</li></ul>
grade <u><b>Grade: General Purpose (1.9 mil)</b></u></br>Ideal for most applications and everyday use</br><ul><li>Recommended Package Weight: 1-30 lbs.</li><li>Transparency (approx.): 15%</li></ul>
width <u><b>Width: 3"(72mm)</b></u></br>Ideal for heavy or large boxes or for wide-format designs.
length <u><b>Length: 110 yds</strong>&nbsp;(Per Roll)</b></u></br>The ideal length for most users; it contains enough tape on the roll so that you're not running too often, yet they fit all Industry Standard hand tape dispensers.
cases 72(2)
frequency One-Time
tape_color Black
design_colors Black
is_reprint FALSE