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DOT Reflective Tape (DOTXX)

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DOT REFLECTIVE TAPE (DOT C2 Reflective Conspicuity Tape)

DOT Reflective Tape (10 YEAR, 50 YARDS) of High-Intensity Grade is highly reflective, weatherproof, a self-adhesive film with excellent resistance to corrosion and solvent. It is consists of encapsulated catadioptric glass beads which are embedded in a transparent layer of plastic material.


  • Size: 2 inches Wide x 150 feet long
  • Pattern: Red & White 6″ / 6″
  • Durability: 10 Years
  • Type of Adhesive: Pressure-Sensitive Type
  • Liner: Paper
  • Thickness of Film: .0275mm
  • Thickness of Product: .405mm
  • Release Paper: .75? CPP Silicon Film
  • Operating Temperature: 68?F/20?C ? 82.4?F/28?C
  • Working temperature: -4?F/-20?C ? 176?F/80?C

Specifications compliance

* ASTM Standard Light Source: D65; Observation Condition: 45/0; Observation angle: 2 degrees
* DOT-C2 Approved