DOT Reflexite Conspicuity Solid Colors – V92 Reflective Tape (V92DB)

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Premium D.O.T micro prism retroreflective tape. ?150 Feet long.

The industry standard for Trucks, Trailers, automobiles, also known as Day Bright Tape.

DOT (Department of Transportation) Reflexite Conspicuity Solid Colors,?5 Year Warranty.

Reflexite? Daybright??is a high brightness, weather resistant reflective material. It is designed to provide superior visibility and conspicuity to oncoming motorists which result in improved safety and image.

Daybright features include?proprietary micro prism technology, long distance sight detection, and thin, flexible construction which is easy to apply. The material has an aggressive high-tack pressure sensitive adhesive. The material is flexible and strong once applied; excellent impact, shrink, and solvent resistance.


  • ASTM D4956
  • LS300C
  • NHTSA 49 CFR, Part 571
  • FP92
  • DOT-C2
  • ASTM D523
  • FMVSS 108
  • ASTM E810

6 Colors Available: Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Red, White

Also known as: Blue Reflective Tape, Gold Reflective Tape, Green Reflective Tape, Orange Reflective Tape, Red Reflective Tape, White Reflective Tape, Conspicuity Reflective Tape, Conspicuity Tape, Dot Conspicuity Tape, Dot Reflective Tape, Dot Tape, Dot Trailer Tape, Red Dot Tape, ref-dot, Reflective Adhesive Tape, Reflective Conspicuity Tape, Reflective Tape for Trucks, Reflective Tapes, Reflective Vehicle Tape, Reflector Tape, Retro-Reflective Tape, Retroreflective Tape, Reflexite v92, Reflexite v92 Daybright, Reflexite v92 Reflective Tape, Safety Reflective Tape for Trailers, Trailer Reflective Tape, Trailer Tape, Truck Reflective Tape, Truck Tape, Truckers Reflective Tape, Vehicle Conspicuity Tape, Wholesale Truckers Tape