Double Coated Polyester 3.3 Mil – Clear (53108RP)

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Double Coated Polyester (Clear) 3.3 Mils

0.5 mil Clear Polyester film 3.3 mils total, differentially coated with a low tack and high tack acrylic adhesive system. The liner side is coated with a low tack adhesive system with moderate adhesion to a variety of surfaces (glass, plastics) & leaves no residue upon removal(testing is strongly recommended). The exposed side is coated with an aggressive, high peel and shear acrylic adhesive. Good conformity; excellent initial tack & adhesion to both rough & even surfaces, like metals, paper/cardboard, high surface energy plastics and most fabrics. Both adhesives perform well in low & moderate temperatures and are UV resistant. Used primarily to secure light objects on advertising signs, notice boards, and point-of-purchase/window displays that can be easily removed/replaced/repositioned.

* Adhesion to steel: 55 oz/in. (exposed), 18 oz/in (liner side).
* Shear strength (Removable/Perm) 2 lbs/ 24 / ≥ 24 hrs.
* Temperature resistance: -40°F to 140°F. 3” neutral paper core/carton.

49” (1250mm) x 1000m Master Jumbo rolls available.