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Polyester Splicing Tape (70xxx)

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Polyester Splicing Tape (70xxx)/ Polyester Tape with Silicone Adhesive

Silicone adhesive Polyester Splicing Tape is designed to be fully stable electrically and mechanically at operating temperatures up to 392?F. The adhesive is cured to provide maximum resistance to chemicals and leaves no residue during masking or holding applications. Excellent resistance to abrasives, acids, oils, aging, staining, and water immersion. Used to splice silicone-coated paper and films. Also used as an outer wrap on coils, capacitors, motors, and transformers and for masking in electroplating, anodizing, and PC boards.

Acrylic Adhesive (2.4 mil only): Excellent?resistance to solvents, heat & chemicals. Used for component packaging & electrical insulation, edge reinforcement on books, webs, etc. Insulation class: 266?F. Exhibits high resistance to abrasives, acids, oils, aging, staining and water immersion.