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Single-Sided Foam Medium Density (16SMD)

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Single-Sided Foam Tape Medium Density PVC(Single Sided Foam Tape)

Single sided foam tape with a medium density closed cell PVC foam tape with a high-performance acrylic adhesive and carried on a white siliconized paper liner. Higher density provides for a tougher more durable tape product for more demanding applications. Excellent combination of flexibility and conformability with strength & wear resistance. Excellent weatherability and chemical resistance. It is a clean, waste-free substitute for liquid sealants.


Used extensively in the automotive, HVAC, and construction industries to provide air & weather tight seals; for gasketing, cushioning, vibration control in speakers, vehicles, electronic components, door frames, etc.

Physical Properties:

  • Force to compress 25% (range) 6.5-9.5 psi
  • Compression deflection (range) 4.0-6.0 psi
  • Tensile Strength Minimum 45 psi
  • Service Temperature -40?F to 180?F

Norton #V760

Gaska #V1110, #V1510

Novagard HD series