ATG Tape

ATG Tape is specifically designed to be used in ATG (Adhesive Transfer Gun) dispensers. The tape uses an acid-free glass stabilization which allows for clean unwinding. Our ATG tape is on a gold siliconized paper liner which is reverse wound on a 1″ plastic core. It has excellent adhesion to paper, most plastic films, metal foils, etc. our best seller is Standard ATG Tape, which we also offer as a subscription (lower price and free shipping).

As Low As: $26.00 every month
As Low As: $37.00 every month
As Low As: $34.00 As Low As: $194.00 every 3 months

Other Names for this Product: Adhesive Transfer Tape, ATG Tape, ATG Tape Refills, ATG-7502, Reverse Wound Transfer Tape, Scrapbook Adhesive, Scrapbook Tape, Scrapbooking Adhesive, Scrapbook Double Sided Tape, Picture Framing Tape