9 Mil Heavy Duty Duct Tape (NDTHD)

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9 Mil General Purpose Duct Tape (NDTHD)

Case of 2″ General Purpose Duct Tape?with high tensile strength, excellent moisture resistance, easy tear.

Good choice for bundling, heavy carton sealing, general maintenance, pipe wrapping, carpet fixing, air conditioning duct seam and joint sealing.

  • 9.0 mil (0.178mm) thick
  • 2″ (48mm) wide
  • Polyethylene-coated cloth tape
  • Natural rubber adhesive.
  • Tensile strength : 20 lb/in.
  • Adhesion to steel: 35 oz/in. 3″ neutral core/carton.

COLORS: Silver (Gray) and Black.

Save 10% when you order 2 or more cases

PE Coated cloth with rubber resin adhesive.

Also known as?Utility Duct, Utility Duck, 9 Mil Duct, 9 Mil Duck, General Purpose Duct

*This product made in the USA.


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