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Hazard-Striped Duct Tape (67210)

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Caution Duct Tape/ Hazard-Striped Duct Tape (67210)

Caution Duct Tape is a high-quality Polyethylene-coated cloth duct tape with natural rubber with synthetic adhesive.

Length: 60 Yards

Color: Black/Yellow Diagonal Stripes

This striped safety warning tape is used for permanent and temporary marking of hazardous areas, aisles, stairs, wires, cords etc. Ideal for use in manufacturing, as well as in convention/exhibition halls, residential/commercial sales.

  • Hand-tearable and easy to use. (Peels off easily upon removal, leaving no residue on most surfaces).
  • Tensile: 35 lbs/in.
  • Peel adhesion: 29 oz/in.
  • Temperature range: -31 degrees F to 176 degrees F.
  • 3″ neutral core/carton.
  • 11.8 Mii 70 mesh Thickness