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General Purpose Masking – Intertape 513 (MTGPI)

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General Purpose Masking Tape – Intertape#513

Beige crepe paper masking tape coated with an aggressive pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive. Designed primarily as an all-purpose product for non-critical applications.

Product Application

Masking Tape for painting, textile, carpet seaming, silk screening, mail rooms, golf club shaft (buildup), school bids, and for light-duty bundling, packaging, industrial, manufacturing, splicing and tabbing.

Government Compliance

Product qualified to meet ASTM 06123 specifications.

Nominal Values

* Backing: Crepe Paper
* Adhesive: Natural/Synthetic Rubber
* Adhesion to Steel (oz./in. width): 36 (9.8 N/25 mm)
* Tensile Strength (lbs/in. width): 19 (83.2 N/25mm)
* Elongation (at break): 6.4%
* Total Thickness(mils): 5.0 (0.127mm)
* Quick Stick to Steel oz/in. width): 12 (3.3 N/25mm)
* Temperature Resistance? 50?F ~ 180?F ( 10?C ~ 82?C)
* Color: Beige