CM0800WT Definite Length Tape Dispenser

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Definite Length Tape Dispensers

Both CM0300 and CM0800 WT dispensers are recommended for BOPP, polyesters to 3.5 mil, and some flatback tapes. Not suitable for thick films, stretchy films (vinyls), or foil tapes.

For single sided tapes up to 1″ wide

Automatic low cost tape dispenser. Dispenses tape from: Width of 1/4″ to 1″ and automatically advances tape to 3-fixed lengths of 1.18″, 1.77″ and 3.54″. Tape is cut by raising and pulling across a serrated blade which activates a switch to advance the next piece of tape. Manimum roll O.D. is 5-1/4″. comes with 1″ and 3″ cores. Battery operated or electronic. CM0800WT comes with AC adapter.

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