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Friction Tape (63040)

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Friction Tape – Black Cotton Cloth with non-corrosive Rubber Resin Adhesive. 20 yards Long 15 mil (0.38mm) thick.

Friction Tape is a cloth backing makes this tape easily hand-tearable and extremely conformable. Highly resistant to humidity and galvanic corrosion. Holds tightly on rough and irregular surfaces, its adhesive system will not dry out. Used for insulation and to protect industrial harnesses and electrical wires from physical damage caused by friction, for overwrapping low voltage splices and general electrical maintenance jobs.

Individually cello-wrapped (no label) – 10 rolls per tube sleeve. 11/2? (38 mm) neutral core.

  • Dielectric strength: 1,000 V.
  • Insulation class: 176?F.
  • Tensile strength: 42 lbs/in.
  • Elongation: 8%.
  • Meets ASTM 4514-85.

Known As: Hockey Tape, Hockey Stick Tape, Hockey Grip Tape, Black Friction Hockey Tape, 3/4″ Hockey Tape, 1 1/2″ Friction Tape